Without prejudice.

Mar 4 2013
“It’s difficult to appreciate if you might pine for the 60s of the Stones or the 90s of Oasis but, as things are now, Styles is the truth – authentic, perversely sophisticated, a groomed blank symbol of what’s left of pop, the daily hype, monstrous turnover and aimless, targeted pressure. Bugg is the plastic, phoney contestant, a weedy echo of an echo of an echo of the idea that to write your own songs based on personal experience of a local world and a wider universe can lead to genius. Pop is now about nothing other than generating the sort of publicity that can keep the idea of pop going for those still keen on wringing money out of the traditional concept of the teenage fan’s desire for the teen idol. Songs are souvenirs of the generated publicity.”

So Jake Bugg is authentic and Harry Styles is a fake? I don’t think so… | Music | The Observer

Paul Morley, as readable as ever.